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    Practicing English Gives You Confidence

    We can always find more time when we want to. So, why not make time to practice your English? This is an investment in yourself and one that will pay you back for years to come. Learning Business English is similar to learning just English but emphasizing specific vocabulary and the professional office culture. 

    Perhaps you have wondered if you should learn Business English on some occasions or what advantages of learning it might bring you. Many people have enough level to speak English, that does not mean that they can function comfortably in the workplace, where more advanced knowledge and skills are required.

    If one of the projects you have includes working abroad, you should start thinking about doing a business English course. In this way, you will know the fundamental concepts, ideas, and expressions to speak comfortably in your work environment.

    There are multiple advantages to studying business English. However, it is worth clarifying that you must have a knowledge base in English. If you do not have a B2-C1 level yet, you could have problems studying business English. However, if you already have more advanced English knowledge, that does not mean that you know the terms that are normally used within the company, your role, or the specific industry you're in. 

    Practice Makes Your English Perfect

    Lesson: What advantages do you get from a Business English Course?

    Topics go beyond just English. You also get to practice business activities, but while immersed in English.  Here are some to name a few.

    • Small Talk
      Small talk is not always about polite discussions. In the business world, it is a tactic to find new friends and influence your peers. Networking successfully is the main method professional quickly move up the business ladder.
    • Writing business emails
      If you're still sending out emails with poor spelling and grammar, you are doing yourself harm. There are several key things every savvy business person must know about business email etiquette.
    • Facilitate Meetings
      Leading a team meeting or facilitating project meetings need to be done effectively. Practice doing this while only using English.
    • Negotiations
      When you examine your everyday business discussions, you will learn most all of them are negotiations of one kind or another. To be a leader, this skill needs to be mastered.
    • Interview for a new job
      International Fortune 500 companies can operate in dozens of different countries. The opportunities may be endless if you speak English and can speak confidently during a job interview.
    • Presentations
      In this day and age, presentations use modern technology. To be recognized as a competent professional, you should know how to present effectively in person or while doing a virtual meeting.


    Many Key Benefits

    • Communicate professionally and tactfully to get what you want in a variety of business contexts.
    • Gain confidence and start using more refined vocabulary and grammar.
    • Develop your business knowledge through task-based learning using case studies and roleplaying.


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