Ambition and English

How are they related?

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    you want to know English

    My greatest ambition since childhood is to speak a second language fluently. I believe that the ability to speak a foreign language is a vital skill that should be learned. My passion for America has driven me to study English. It started when I was in junior high school, where I began to learn English for the first time. I found it fascinating, and that attraction has never faded. Rather, it has only increased.

    Ambition to Grow Big

    As a student at the University of Guadalajara, I love learning about different cultures. Learning a language is not only learning the grammar and structure but also learning the culture. The language provides an insight into all aspects of a country's culture and so I find this is very interesting.

    Admittedly, my interest is also in the economic opportunity I would have if I could truly master the English language. More doors would open and I might be given an offer to work in the United States permanently. This achievement would not only mean my own financial security but something I could share with my entire family.

    I would not hesitate to seize the opportunity to work abroad and take part in the American dream. It would be an experience that would benefit all aspects of my development both professionally and personally. This is why I wish to study English in the United States. It would be an enlightening adventure that will help me achieve my goals.

    Lesson: Five tips to increase your motivation to learn English:
    1. Set aside an adequate of time every day to practice your English
    2. Find someone to encourage and help you practice learning English (like a teacher)
    3. Find fun and interesting ways to learn English (practice outside of the classroom)
    4. Use English as much as you can (online global friends)
    5. Try reading about your favorite topic in English

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